(above and underneath the X25 level 2) and in the INTEL 8080 for the Copy venture. The container stamped ‘HDLC interface” incorporates both the equipment to drive the physical interface, and the most reduced dimension programming (called the Edge Handler) to change over between the standard interface and Lhe equipment. This Casing Handler hides, for instance, the way that the

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LSI-11 has a character intrude on interface though the PDP-9 has a parcel interface utilizing the information channel. An equal box can bc drawn for the INTEL 8080 Test Host. Here the principle framework has been produced for the copy venture portrayed in Part 7.

Beforehand the association has experienced the PDP-9 by means of another type of interface.

Halfway to build our experience, and incompletely. on account of the characteristic estimation of the improvement, we are supplanting the other correspondence interface by that of Fig 4.4. We point in the end to have this framework work through EPSS (seen as a X25 Net); accordingly the kinds of use of the two ETHs are basically comparable. 9 I.1l!I ‘

‘, 1,i,,- ,,.

34 * – 0i Cf) 0 47 E9 00 0I FA 0 CIE4 0) $.0 – Disc U c. 4 02p3 0z0p co.i>f – q&4e 0 0w j-co xo rrz C42o 00 0 W2 02Q – X 0 E4 02 C0 N CV c04 GO 0 z Compact disc 4
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35 iii ~1′ X25 TTY FAXSYS FAXSYSLEVEL 3 Framework X25 LEVEL 2 Copy Gadget HDLC X25 Convention: PRONTCRFA INTERFACE I4 F-GURE 4.4: STRUCTURE OF THE INTEL 8080 Programming *I 6mr-


32 8 4.2 By and large UCL Intends To have the capacity to explore the exploration things of Segment 4.1, we require a few X25 Systems and Hosts. In a perfect world we require at any rate the accompanying framework: SEXPERIMENTA7L TEST – HOST ETH1 ZEXPERIMENTAL TS…- NT U I TEST HOST ETH 2.X25 Fig 4.1 Two Hosts. into a X25 System
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E 1 ‘(E:TDNI – 4.~-!ELTN 2 ETH 2 x)x 25 X25 – I(mod) Fig 4.2 Two Has on Two X25 Systems As Test System we visualize, for the occasion, the EPSS system of Part 3, reasonably changed with a front end to help X25 get to, and the SATNET of Section 5, appropriately adjusted similarly. Later we will most likely utilize EURONET for a portion of our work as a genuine system – yet it won’t be available before early This report depicts past work. Amid 1977 we have just thought about how to make SATNET resemble a X25 System; no genuine work has begun around there. Consequently we will just examine the work with EPSS and the Test Has in this Section. For the improvement of Fig 4.2, we.envisage Test Hosts at COMSAT and UCL, and that the front closures of SATNET and EPSS (the Portal PDP11 and the PDP9) go about as halfgateways. The correct technique for actualizing this proposition has not been worked out completely.

33 4.3 Structure for the TEST HOST/TEST System Programming An outline of the manner in which we are devloping a X25 frontend to EPSS and a Trial Test Host is appeared in Fig 4.3. Here all the product showed on the right.- hand side of the case marked “PDP-9” was created for our EPSS/ARPANET associations. The ARPANET programming has been supplanted, with the end goal of this work, by the X25-particular programming (and equipment) on the left of that container. The crate checked “LSI-11″ will be the Test Host” (ETH). The type of association of X25 to EPSS programming in the PDP-9,

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being specifically connected to the Call and Scaffold Conventions areas, permits all abnormal state conventions in the ETH to be gone through the system (for this situation EPSS) straightforwardly. This is distinctive to the ARPANET-EPSS association, where mapping of abnormal state conventions happens. In Fig 4.3 the connection between LSI-11 and the PDP-9 utilizes the standard LAP rendition of the X25 convention, and can be broken to make either a host or a system port accessible to different clients. A standard interface particular was created for use at the limits between modules in the LSI-11; a similar interface determination was utilized in the PDP-9
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